Having released 25 different rhythm game SKUs in 2009, Activision narrows the focus in 2010, with only a new Guitar Hero and DJ Hero 2 slated for release in 2010.
During Activision's 2009 financial results conference call, Activision's Mike Griffith explained that while 2009 saw Activision increasing its share in the rhythm genre to 51%, the company anticipates a decline in the music game business in 2010. That having been said, the company is serious cutting back on music game releases. Activision plans only two large releases in the segment this year - DJ Hero 2, and a new Guitar Hero game - both scheduled for release towards the end of the year.
The company also plans to cut costs by not releasing either game for the PlayStation 2, a platform that does not offer the benefit of continued value through downloadable content.
With 10 SKUs planned for 2010, perhaps Activision has finally brought its Hero fever down to a more reasonable level.

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