Its a month since i announced the start of the Dream Coding Grand Prix Contest, and its my pleasure to announce 2 of the judges for that contest.[br][br]The First judge is Hando the webmaster of what is the worlds best Gamepark 32 news and scene site bar none, that site is of course GP32 Extreme and to those of you who love the Dreamcast scene for its free software you will be amazed by the community that surrounds the GP32.[br][br]Our second judge is Max or otherwise known as Freeze who is the webmaster of Dreamcast Scene formerly Dreamcast Max is one of the hardest working people to be in our scene and has showcased the Dreamcast at shows in his country.[br][br]Those of you wishing to know more about the Dream Coding Grand Prix should check out this Page.[br][br]Theres only 2 months left so get those entries in