Boys love three things: sports, spies, and cryptozoology. At least that's what Fisher-Price is banking on with their new remote control Big Foot, an expressive monster that can sleep, somersault, and stomp with the best of 'em.
Big Foot comes with a foot shaped remote that controls its movement as well as its emotions, including buttons that make him happy, angry, or sleepy. Each button has several routines, so Big Foot won't always be the same kind of angry when you mash on the big, kid-friendly angry button. His different states of contentment are displayed with grunts, shrugs, and movable facial features including his nose, eyes, and eyebrows.

Some of the functions can even be stacked; you can make Big Foot sleep—he lays down on his back with his big feet up in the air—and then press "angry" to give the monster a bad dream. When it's time for him to wake up, his long arms allow him to himself up with a backwards somersault.

Big Foot will be available in June for $100, if he doesn't go back into hiding.
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