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Thread: Final Fantasy III for Nintendo DS

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    NDS Final Fantasy III for Nintendo DS

    News from LIK SANG

    Originally released on the Famicom more than 16 years ago, Final Fantasy III sheds its 8-bit look and appears in a revamped version on the NDS. A graphical overhaul using the system's 3D capabilities infuses the tale of four young heroes in search of magic light crystals with an up-to-date visual glamour that is bound to enchant all FF fans worldwide. You heard that right, as the NDS incarnation of Final Fantasy III will for the first time ever receive an US release on October 3rd, while the Japanese copy is expected to be in stock and shipping on August 24th. FFIII sported a versatile job system, that was later seen in Final Fantasy V and Tactics. Here, apart from traveling from dungeon to dungeon and engaging in random encounters, you train your characters in various job classes, gaining new abilities and commands along the way.

    While on the hunt for crystals which in the end will be required to secure peace once again, players utilize full stylus control to handle the action. Wander through the diverse environments, chat and enter combat simply by tapping the touch screen. Those that'd rather opt for a traditional control system will rejoice, as Square Enix included D-pad and button combo usage as an alternative as well. The game itself runs at a steady 30 frames per second and looks better than the original version of FFVII on the PlayStation, which is indeed saying a lot for the graphical power of the NDS.

    To celebrate this Final Fantasy III rebirth, Square Enix is offering a Nintendo DS Crystal White special edition in Japan, which features characters sketched by designer Akihiko Yoshida. These fine units will be stamped with an unique serial number, but alas only released in a very small run it seems. We'll do our best to have at least a few of these expensive beauties up for quick grabs, but might only be able to get a couple in stock, as this item is anticipated with bated breath in Nippon.

    Those that consider themselves Final Fantasy purists when it comes to the earlier releases, can rest assured that the magic is still there. The shift to 3D helps to make the world more believable and adds to the overall mesmerizing atmosphere: in-game structures like homes and shops, characters and the regions to wander through all offer a detailed splendor in this "lost chapter" in the series. Revisit a freshly reworked highlight in the Final Fantasy line or experience the epic story for the first time; either way, you'll be hard pressed to find a more rewarding roleplaying effort on the Nintendo DS. Pre-orders are very welcome already, shipping free worldwide! An import gamer's delight, both the Japanese and US version of FFIII will work on any NDS system the globe over, no matter its origin. The region-free capability of the Nintendo DS sure is a blessing!!

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    Which ones are the guys?

    I don't want to mis name them again...

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    I cant wait for this to be released ^.^ i played a translated NES rom of this cause it never came out in the US, i must say it was a good game

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    Looks cool. Almost makes me want a DS...


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    I'm not a FF fan. But it will be one of the best DS games

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    woot that will be great

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