R.Britt posted this update on the C&C DS Project.

I put the code in to load a palette file and tile graphics.. though the formats are open to change. But I'm pleased to say it seems to work fine The screenshot on the right shows the 'TEMPERAT.PAL' palette loaded, with each block on the tile showing one of the 256 colours, and then repeated to fill the screen. The shot on the left replaced some of those tile graphics with ones loaded from disk, and then I changed the map by hand in code to line up a few of the tiles properly on the top left corner. It's not corrupted memory or anything you're looking at don't worry

The next step will be to start writing a map format that will load in the correct layout of tiles, then we'll start to see something resembling better a C&C level, woohoo!

I'm not entirely sure what it means but it sounds good Images attatched

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