Stuart Black, he of the eponymous 2006 FPS for Xbox and PS2 (that would be the game called "Black," not "Stuart Black") has caught on with Codemasters and now declares he "can't be bothered" by the slow-pace of cover-based shooters.
Speaking to Official Xbox Live Magazine, which is drawing out the tease for whatever it is Black's working on now, Black fires up that current FPSes are a bit too ponderous for his tastes.
There's a lot of cover-based shooters out at the moment But when a guy hunkers down behind something, you've just got to sit there and wait for him to pop his head up. Pops up, couple of bullets to his head, pops back down again ... and I'm waiting for him to pop back up again? F***ing boring. I can't be bothered hanging around like that.
You know, last night I was in Borderlands. While its enemy AI leaves plenty to be desired, it is a cover-based shooter. And I noticed that my aggregate gameplay hours are about four more days than I've spent in Black. There are tons of boring FPSes out there. But it's not because of the cover mechanic.

Black Creator: Current FPSs are "F***ing Boring"
[OXM via Hot Blooded Gaming]

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