Hurt Locker trounced the competition at the 82nd Academy Awards Sunday night, winning six Oscars. The movie has been called "near perfect" by critics. "Near perfect" as in not perfect?
While there have already been discussions (more here) about the film's technical inaccuracies, those pale in comparison to two far more erroneous mistakes.
The film is set in 2004. It says so at the beginning of the film. That doesn't stop specialist Owen Eldridge (played by actor Brian Geraghty) from getting ahold of an Xbox 360 — that console wasn't released until November 2005.
Eldridge uses his from-the-future Xbox 360 to play third-person shooter Gears of War, a title that wasn't out until fall 2006.
That would mean in 2004 Eldridge is playing a console that was a year away from mass market and a game that was two years away from launching. Ditto for the movie's YouTube mention.
There must be an explanation for all this: Time travel. And you thought this movie was just about a bomb squad? It is. A bomb squad FROM THE FUTURE.

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