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This evening Pong2 0.99 is released by Plaatsoft.

31-03-2010 Version 1.00

Update main menu screen information.
Improve game icon.
Improve stability.
Improve network thread.
Use libfat 1.0.7 as disk access engine.
Use libogc 1.8.3 as Wii interface engine.
Make source code compliant with r21 compiler.
Added source code to Google Code Repository
Added source code documentation (Javadoc style).
Added Doxygen (automatic documentation generation tool) config file.
Build game with devkitPPC r21 compiler.

If anybody has a good idea how to improve this game, please post a comment!

Pong2 is an open-source game based on the original game of Pong. Pong2 has improved features over the original. The paddle can be moved horizontally and vertically. 10 tracks of background music are available during game play. The first player to score 10 points in each level is the winner. Special thanks to my family for their support during the development of this game.

Key Features:

2D pong gameboard with special graphical effects.
Five game levels
Multi player mode support
WiiMote, Classic Controller device support
10 background music tracks
Several sound effects