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    Rev SwingBall v0.1

    News via

    ThatOtherPerson produces a first draft of "SwingBall" platform game that presents the Nintendomax Wii Dev Competition 2010 .

    I've started "work we platformer Though That I intend" to submit. I'm planning for it to Be Essentially Be a time trial thing (get from point A to point B Before Time Runs out) and your going to Be Able to swing in it just because swinging ya une inherently fun and awesome mode of transportation.

    So far ITS Probably like 75% done. The collision detection and movement all work pretty Much the way it should ". That last goal ITS 25% That Makes "any game worth while so if your going to try it out set your expectations low.

    If you want to mess around with making your Own level for STI it really easy to do so. Rather Then sinking to your level of Time Into editor I have setup the game to load tile ITS investments from generic BMP image files found in the Media \ Game \ Levels folder. Both the width and height of the image bellow Have to Be That 1000 goal aside from you can make your level any size you want. Just draw a black pixel anywhere That You Want to place a solid regular tile, a green pixels for a tile Cannot Be That swung from gold for a red pixel tile That will kill you on contact.

    The games background music is current Tunnel Rush by ara.

    So if you want to try out the demo crazy incomplete Then hit the link.

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    OK its cool to see something I made get posted here but really WTF. Do you run everything threw 20 different online translators and then translate it back to English just for fun? The text on Nintendomax (who you cited as your source) is directly copied from my blog and it seems like the text here is essentially the same or is intended to be except its been edited randomly and made nonsensical. Even the things in quotation marks aren't actual quotes. I'm not obsessive about grammar and I make typos and things like that all the time. In fact going back to read it now I even noticed a few grammatical mistakes I made in the original version of the post that you mangled. but I've never written anything like that.
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