Motion controllers have "amazing potential" for shooters, reckons Splash Damage boss, Paul Wedgwood.

Speaking to CVG, the Brink developer expressed a big interest in Microsoft and Sony's new technology, though argued that the obvious implementation for the devices in first-person shooters might not necessarily be the best.

"I think these motion controllers have amazing potential for shooters, but perhaps not in the way people might immediately think (i.e. controlling motion)," Wedgwood told CVG.

"Perhaps we'll think about that in the future, but we don't have any plans for implementation in Brink."

Firmly donning our Big Hat of Speculation, we reckon Wedgwood could be hinting at using Kinect and Move in conjunction with Brink's SMART system. But that might count as "controlling motion".

What is SMART? "The idea is really straightforward," the Splash Damage man explains. "When you're in combat and you want to get somewhere in the game world, you hold down your SMART button (which doubles as a sprint button) and it will help with jumps, vaults, mantling, sliding, and so on, allowing you to easily navigate any obstacles in your path."

That's one idea then, but surely the most intuitive use for PlayStation Move in a shooter is to aim your weapon, a bit like a PC mouse?