Fool us once, shame on us. Fool us twice? Fuhgetaboutit. Apple has a thing for introducing new iPods each fall, and given that the existing touch is being given away gratis with a new student computer (not to mention how long in the tooth it is), we're guessing the tradition will continue in 2010. We'd heard earlier on in the year that Apple may toss FaceTime over to the iPod line whenever it finally gained a front-facing camera, and now the evidence is nearly too strong to ignore. In the latest iOS 4.1 beta (numero three, if you're keeping count), there's an option to connect to a contact via FaceTime by ringing their digits or by pinging their email address. We're guessing that the latter is there mostly for iPod touch users (the ones without Apple Peel 520s, anyway), and it's the most glaring sign yet that the next generation touch will flippin' finally boast a camera (or just a way around that SMS-based activation?). Still, we wouldn't get our hopes up too high -- falling ain't no fun, you know?