Reesy has released a new version of his Genesis/Master System and Game Gear Emulator for the Gizmondo, heres whats new:


DrMD v5 beta 7 has been released. This version adds an option to choose which type of control pad you are using. You can choose from a 3 button pad or a 6 button pad. The reason for this additional menu option is because 6 button support does not work correctly on all games.

Altered Beast and Fantastic Dizzy should work correctly if you use 3 button mode. There may be other games that are affected. If you see sprites that do not appear to be animated correctly, it may be that the game you are using doesn't like the way the 6 button pad is currently emulated. Try switching to 3 button mode and see if it makes a difference.

By default 3 button mode is enabled, so be warned.

Oh and I've also removed the 44100Hz sound mode again from the MD options screen. I had enabled it again while I was testing but in the end I could not get it working. Unfortunately I forgot to remove the menu option before I made the last release.

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