Mobile game multiplayer tech-maker Aurora Feint has unveiled a new cross-platform service known as OpenFeint Playtime, which will allow real-time online play between users of Apple's iOS and Android-based devices.

The service, which will also feature real-time voice chat, follows hot on the heels of Apple's confirmation that its Game Center will launch alongside its new range of hardware next week.

The new system also fleshes out Aurora Feint's hints about further cross-platform development last month.

"The most successful games have one thing in common: they bring people together. Whether a simple board game or a stunning 3D console game, games are always better when shared with family or friends," said Aurora Feint CEO Jason Citron.

"Traditionally, multiplayer technology has been accessible only to top tier developers. It's just too complicated and time consuming. So we invented PlayTime, which literally takes one day to integrate into a casual game."

The PlayTime SDK promises features such as achievements, leaderboards, lobbies and matchmaking across both platforms.

On iOS, it is integrated and shares data with the new Game Center, with Aurora Feint also claiming that players who drop out of games due to service or signal loss will be replaced with an AI substitute.

The service is expected to launch later this year, when OpenFeint updates to version 3.0.