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evilsperm (it can not be invented ... ) has posted an image VirtualBox distribution Ubuntu_x86 containing all the tools to compile PSGroove and extract / create. PKG PS3 .

This will allow those who wish to get their hands dirty and why not build their own version of PSFreedom from sources without waiting for others are earnestly .

Create your PSFreedom:

1. Edit Makefile.psgroove and remove the # located on the line for your development board on which you want to create a HEX (many platforms are present)
2. Then open a Terminal and type " cd Desktop " then " Enter "
3. cd PSGroove -Hermes -Linux -2 " then " Enter " (or type "PSG "then press TAB to automatically complete or list the possibilities)
4. Then type " make clean "then" Enter "
5. Type " make " then " Enter "

Connection Info Ubuntu:

User = evilsperm
Pass = password
sudo password = password

Error libstdc + +5

If an error when creating or extracting PKG install libstdc + +5 _3.3.6 - 17ubuntu1_i386 to correct this problem .

The archive doing 920MO , it is currently available via the protocol Bitorrent (Tracker Demonoid require registration ) .

You can also download the torrent associated