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Microsoft brought to you the Exchangeable Faceplate concept on Xbox 360, letting you update the look of your console based on your mood. For those in need of true freestyle though, there is nothing better than jumping the screwdriver. The first wave of tuning products for Xbox 360 systems and controllers have been on the market for a couple of months already. In the meantime, we have seen private efforts popping up all around the Internet: water cooling system or complete re-vamping of the console, anything goes. Today, we are receiving delivery of fresh products that go a step further. From full replacement cases for systems and pads to internal cooling fan installation, we cover it all hereunder.

Ultimate Fancy Case for your Xbox 360 Controllers

If you want a cool-looking gimmick that will turn heads and show off your 'tude, this is the $#@!. We just got in some brand new replacement cases for the Xbox 360 official controllers. They come in the popular chromed metallic silver look, with extra glowing buttons, either green or blue. It sure looks unique! Also, for having tested this mod' here in our Gaming Room, I can tell you that it makes the overall experience of beating down colleagues at Fight Night Round 3 much more enjoyable.

An eye-catcher of a mod, this kit changes hands for US$ 24.95 only. Fitting it will require a couple screwing and unscrewing steps, for some of which the use of the Torx T-8 model happens to be a must. Please note that by opening up your Xbox 360 controller, you are automatically voiding your warranty from the manufacturer. Also, connecting the LED lights to a power source will necessitate two soldering points. If you are only willing to exchange the external shape of the controller, keeping the original buttons in, soldering won't be required though. Please also make sure to order the appropriate piece of kit, keeping in mind that we are stocking different versions for either the wireless or the cabled editions of the Microsoft joypad.

The Solution to all Overheating Problems - High-end Internal Cooling Fan

Also in today is a high-speed internal cooling fan solution for the Xbox 360 overheating problems. The manufacturer's hype claims the following: "External Xbox 360 air coolers can only cool the temperature of the Xbox 360's outer surface but do not cool the temperature of the CPU/GPU; therefore, making them useless to combat CPU/GPU overheating. The high speed air cooler directly cools the 360 CPU and GPU. Using internal temperature measuring devices, this product monitors the temperature of the 360 CPU and GPU. XCM high speed air cooler's external controller will allow you to control the speed of the fan while it monitors the temperature of the 360 CPU and GPU. AUTO mode will automatically adjust the fan speed depending on the temperature of the CPU and GPU."

We have a sample unit running in one of our game-lounge's 360 systems for a good two weeks. No problem so far. In fact, since we got the proto in, I personally am behaving like one of these geek-chic idiots who play with the thing like a kid with his new toy. I keep monitoring the temperature of the GPU and CPU live on the LCD screen, while switching from auto to manual mode, while waiting during the load times in between rounds [Editor: that would be a second reference to Fight Night Round 3, for those who don't follow anymore already].

Installation took not more than 15 minutes for us here, but then again we have a technician who is used to open up Xbox 360s just for the fun of it. If you never did such a thing, installation times may vary. But it's not rocket science, just a bit of unclipping work to do, and unscrewing 5 or 6 bits with the T10 screwdriver supplied in the product box, clipping some stuff together and re-assembling the whole build. Follow this link for a detailed step for step guide of the installation process. If you never opened an Xbox 360 before, here is an url to follow for the explanations on how to do that.

If you are not so keen neither on opening up your brand new 360 nor on losing your rights for free repair of it, we also have in stock a couple of external cooling fans. For sure not as powerful and not as impactful as the internal solution exposed above, these do not necessitate the use of a screwdriver whatsoever and ship for a very affordable price, at just US$ 19.95 each, while the high-speed internal air cooler wears a US$ 49.95 tag.

Cool-Looking Full System Mods Coming Soon

In the last couple of weeks, some more systems mods have been coming out, from spray-painted gold to cherry red. Nothing exceptional so far, but spotted on the horizon is a very special replacement case that we hope to carry soon. Black Knight is the name of the concept, it comes in full black color, with an X shaped window glass, through which some LED lights are glowing (in the color of your choice). Hopefully soon in stock on the warehouse shelves. Don' go 'way.