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Thread: Review: Logic3 External Rechargeable Battery

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    psp Review: Logic3 External Rechargeable Battery

    Logic3 External Rechargeable Battery
    Manufacturer: Logic3
    Site: Buy from Logic3
    Price: 12.99

    Overview : The PSP527 battery pack connects externally to the PSP console and packs 1800mAh of extra power for your PSP console. Allows an additional 3 hour operation time.

    Features :
    • External rechargeable battery
    • 1800mAh Li-ion Battery
    • Recharges using standard PSP AC Adaptor
    • Recharges in 4 hours
    • When connected to PSP acts like AC adaptor
    • Weight: 100g

    Quality/Usability : The PSP External Rechargeable Battery pack is light weight and small in size. The pack is approximately 3 inches long and ~1 inch thick. To charge the battery pack, just plug the original AC adaptor that came with your PSP to charge the battery pack. When the AC adaptor is plugged into the battery pack, a red LED is lit to show that it is being charged. When it is done charging, the LED turns green.

    On the other end of the pack is the plug that goes into the PSP as well as an ON/OFF switch. The cable that plugs into the PSP DC port is approximately 18 inches long.

    The battery pack gives the PSP an additional three hours of play, according to press release. But I got a little less than 3 hours. But I assume like any rechargeable battery pack, the more you recondition the battery pack (recharge), the higher the operation time. Even if you’re not using it to extend battery life during gameplay, you can use the pack to charge your PSP while it is off.

    Conclusion : Overall, the PSP External Rechargeable Battery Pack is a nice product that lets you extend the battery life for your PSP. Although it takes about 4 hours to charge the pack, it’s well worth it at the end when it saves your PSP from dying and leaving you bored. It would have been nice if there was a case or a way to keep it near the PSP. It would be awkward to have the pack dangling if you were to walk or stand up with your PSP. A nice addition is the ON/OFF switch. This will save lots of juice when the pack is not in use.

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    nice ....


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