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Thread: 2.71 Downdater by Dark_AleX/Mathieulh/Yoshi

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    psp 2.71 Downdater by Dark_AleX/Mathieulh/Yoshi

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    Newly released fix from the team, heres the info:

    Fixed a bug that caused premature bricking if the hack to force the unassign/assign of the flash failed. All sites mirroring the file, please update it to the new one.

    Download Via Comments

    Downgrader for 2.71 Released


    Dark_Alex and Mathieulh (Donate to them) have released a new downgrader for PSPs with 2.71 firmware thats only possible due to the recent Tiff Exploit that was found. Once you run and are successful your PSP will be a homebrew friendly v1.5 PSP which can play all Homebrew, Emulators and even the Devhook UMD loader so you'll still be able to play 2.71 games on your v1.5 PSP. All PSP users owe thanks to Bigbird for sacrificing 3 psps, and also to Xairu, wakAwooki (UP chip) and Joshrulez2 (bricked) as well as others for risking their PSPs.

    Check out the Video Here

    Some History

    This isnt the first Downgrader for the PSP, Dark_Alex, Yoshihiro and Mathieulh released the 2.5/2.6 Downdater on July 2nd 2006, and before that was the V2.0 to V1.5 Downgrader which was released back in 2005. Theres also a V1.5 to V1.0 downgrader whch was released July 6th this year.

    Whats Downgrading ?

    Every PSP has a firmware, if your playing the latest PSP games then most likely you have a PSP 2.71 and if your unlucky the PSP 2.80 firmware. Now for those that dont know the best firmware for homebrew and much more is V1.5 Firmware. All the downgraders can make your machine go back to that firmware so you can enjoy the many thousands of games released for homebrew.

    Heres the Release Info

    2.71 Downdater by Dark_AleX/Mathieulh/Yoshi

    This software is free, unlicensed and comes with no warranty. Despite it has been tested and it has worked, a program that rewrites a big part of the flash(flash0) is always dangerous. You are the only responsable of whatever happens to your psp using this unlicensed program.

    This program requires that someone with a 1.50 runs a little program and send you the output so
    you can init the downdate process. (by legal reasons i cannot provide those files directly, that's why this is needed).
    The 1.50 program is TOTALLY safe, it only dumps the flash of a 1.50 user and it also extracts some special prx's found in the 1.50 updater.

    The downdater directory outputted is exactly the same than the created by the 2.60/2.50 downdater.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: TA-082 users, this doesn't work on these psp's. DO NOT RUN IT.

    Instruction for the 1.50 user

    1) Copy the folders downhelper and downhelper% from the folder 1.50 HELPER folder to
    /PSP/GAME/ in your memstick.

    2) Obtain the 1.50 updater and put it in /PSP/GAME/UPDATE in your memstick.

    Some download links for it:

    3) Init the downhelper program.
    It will dump your flash and some files from the updater eboot to the memstick.

    4) After that, the program will exit. You can now delete the updater from /PSP/GAME/UPDATE

    5) You'll notice that you have a new folder in the root of your memstick called "DOWNDATER".
    That's the folder you'll have to send to a 2.71 to let him use the downdater.

    Instructions for the 2.71 user

    1) Copy the files inside MS_ROOT to the root of your memory stick.

    2) Wait someone with 1.50 to pass you a folder called DOWNDATER and copy it to the root of your memstick.

    3) It is recomended that you have the psp at more than 50% batteery and connected to AC

    4) Go to the xmb photo viewer.

    At this point will one of the following things:

    a) You'll see a full red screen. This indicates that the downdater is doing its job.
    Wait for it to finish. When it finish it will crash on purpose. Restart your psp manually
    and you'll probably have a 1.50 if nothing went wrong.

    b) You don't see the red screen. This indicates that the downdater code has not started
    to execute. (even if the memstick blinks(or no), it doesn't matter! if the screen is not red, you can safely restart
    the psp at this point).

    This happen because of inestability in the tiff.
    Don't worry, just restart the psp and keep trying until you reach the red screen of downdate.
    The downdater code is NEVER executed partially. It's either executed totally or nothing.

    It depends of "luck" but usually the downdater will start to execute in a average of 1/10 times.
    Things that may increase the probabilities:

    - A fresh formatted memory stick.
    - A 32 MB memory stick (and fresh formatted)

    Many thanks to:

    - People that found and exploited the tif bug: Nopx86, psp250, Skylark, Joek2100, CSwindle, JimP and Fanjita

    - hitchhikr for finding the kernel exploit.

    - All people that tested code and supported us: jpeg (the first in downgrade!), whackawookie,
    nopx86, [Having], tyranog, joshrulez and probably more people that i forgot.


    - tesuhack for lying in one test making me loose time and reach incorrect conclusions
    USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. Even though this has been tested there is still the possibility it may damage your PSP. We advise you to follow the steps carefully and cautiously. We are in no way responsible for bricked PSP's.

    With that said,

    Download and Give Feedback Via Comments

    DCEmu Members are reporting successes in downloading their PSPs, more via comments

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    Finally its hear great work to all involved .

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    W00T! Now i get to provide tech support for all my n00b friends!!!! But seriously, freakin' amazing.

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    gl for all those 2.71 owners

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    good luck you guys!

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    so does it work... anyone????

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    I am going to try this in 10-20 minutes for my friend's PSP. If I brick then I'm gonna get a modchip for it. I'll need some luck and I will surely report back about how it went and how easy/hard it was.

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