As the battle for motion-sensing supremacy heats up this Christmas, Sony has cast doubt on the wisdom of Microsoft's blockbuster Kinect launch.

"I don't think it was quieter," Sony Computer Entertainment Europe boss Andrew House told MCV in response to criticism over Sony's marketing of Move compared to Microsoft's high-profile Kinect campaign.

"We know a marketing push is important around a launch window, but what will really drive adoption of new technology is going to be great content.

"We've got a whole range of experiences that serve the broadest audience and that is a far better long-term bet. You can only sustain a certain amount of momentum just based on trying to ram product at people based on a strong marketing push. It really will be content that defines it."

Move and Kinect are considered to be neck and neck in worldwide sales, with Move enjoying around a month head start.

Earlier this month Microsoft's 2.5 million global Kinect sales announcement was countered when Sony announced it had sold 4.1 million Move controllers across the globe since its September launch.

However, while Sony's announcement used the word "sales" in relation to the impressive number, it actually meant "shipped". Shipped relates to sales to shops, whereas sales relates to sales through to gamers.

House added that consumer demand for Move is 'in excess' of projections.