Classic Xbox RPG battler Jade Empire has been signed up for PC by 2K Games, with a brand new Special Edition of the BioWare classic destined to hit European shores in January 2007.

The PC version of Jade will apparently come with a raft of special enhancements and improvements, with scaled up graphics, new fighting styles and visual effects, revamped monsters and enhanced AI. As a special bonus for PC fans, an all-new art book will complete the package, bringing BioWare's ancient world of hacky socky mayhem to life.

BioWare boss Greg Zeschuk said, "BioWare has a large and loyal fan base of PC RPG gamers and we have heard their many requests for a PC version of Jade Empire. We are happy to work with 2K on our latest product."

We've scattered fresh screenshots around this page for you and PC fans should indeed be licking their lips at a chance to sample the Xbox battler's many delights. If you need to know more about why we rated the original game so highly, simply click here to get the full goods on Jade Empire Xbox.

Screens Here