Technabob has spied a delightful (not so) little laptop case mod from Lenovo during a CES preview. Designed by modder Dean Liou, the case allows you to turn your adequately sized laptop into an arcade machine in seconds, by sliding it underneath the dock's fight stick controller, and plugging said controller into your computer's USB port. Sadly, Lenovo is just showing off the dock as a proof of concept -- as of right now, there are no plans to take the mod to market.

Sure, this thing would completely eliminate the portability of your lap-sized computer, but, come on. Look at it! It's like an arcade machine for babies. Could you imagine anything cuter than that? Well, an arcade machine for puppies, we guess -- but modern consumer entertainment hardware science is decades away from perfecting that kinda technology. For now, check out a video demonstration of this human laptop arcade mod posted after the jump.