Analysis firm EEDAR has issued a report on the debut of the NGP, speculating on several areas, including hardware and software cost as well as the NGP's likelihood of success. The firm expects Sony's upcoming handheld to "handsomely surpass sales of its predecessor, the PSP," though the report adds that success will depend upon long-term publisher support and a competitive price.

Concerning the price, EEDAR predicts the Wi-Fi-only model to cost "between $299 to $349, but not to exceed $399 in the United States." Furthermore, the firm believes that some regions may not see the 3G version of the NGP at all. For comparison, the report notes EEDAR's estimate that 62 to 70 percent of iPads sold in North America are Wi-Fi-only models. Demand for a 3G model may be higher in Europe and Asia. EEDAR predicts that the NGP's 3G capabilities aren't designed to compete directly with mobile phone gaming -- clearly another area of interest for Sony -- as 3G is unsuitable for large game downloads. 3G functionality is more likely to be used for multiplayer and social functions.

The report includes a few more notable tidbits. Games, both downloadable and retail, are predicted to be priced between $40 and $50. Publishers are advised to get on board early, as the report notes "EEDAR is certain that the initial 18 months will produce significant hardware and software sales to support profitability for third‐party publishers." Finally, EEDAR expects more NGP information at GDC, while the first hands-on opportunities will have to wait for E3 2010.