Will still find their place in enterprise says marketing boss

Dell's European enterprise marketing boss Bryan Jones said that the growth of tablet PCs in enterprise amounted to a 'fad'.
Speaking in an interview with V3.co.uk, Jones said that younger workers were a 'driving force' behind the adoption of a raft of new computing devices including tablet computers such as the Apple iPad.
"We're seeing the tablet as a fad right now, like netbooks were three years ago," Jones said before admitting that the tablet would likely "find its space" but that they were not "sounding the death knell" of the laptops and workstations.
Jones did, however, warn that businesses could not afford to ignore the desires of fresh talent that demanded access to a range of new devices in the work force.
"For an IT professional to come in and say: 'I'm only giving you a locked-down limited choice of device' is totally unacceptable to this [staff] resource that companies are competing for," said Jones.