Boxed version of download game due autumn; Time between digital and retail releases will be shorter, says Telltale
Prehistoric monsters will be competing with some of the biggest names in games this Q4.
Telltale Games – which specialises in episodic digital downloads – confirmed to MCV that it is planning to release a retail version of its upcoming Jurassic Park title and Back To The Future: The Game.
The games are due for release in the autumn, alongside the likes of Modern Warfare 3, Battlefield 3 and Assassin’s Creed Revelations.
“Our plan is to bring these titles to the UK and Europe in the fall of this year,” Telltale’s vice president of publishing James Lamorticelli told MCV.
“We still see retail as an important part of our business – we love that we can deliver these video games to consumers who don’t or can’t purchase them digitally.”

Previous retail releases from Telltale have been published by Lace Mamba Global and Mastertronic. The firm is holding meetings at next month’s E3 to find partners for Jurassic Park and Back to the Future.
Lamorticelli also said Telltale plans to reduce the time it takes between releasing downloadable games and boxed SKUs.
“With episodic games, it’s difficult to launch simultaneously at digital and at retail,” he said. “Our intent is to get there, and with Jurassic Park that window will be much shorter.”
Jurassic Park will arrive on Xbox 360 and PC.