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    Default Lamecraft op-10

    News via

    New update to the now famous Lamecraft, which promises to bring homebrew on the PSP and free exploration of the creation (albeit on a reduced scale) of the highly acclaimed Minecraft made for the PSP Genesis Competition and now Open Source.

    The developer Drakon continues to update its Lamecraft by which we can explore a world of "cubes" modified at will. The current review was renamed ' op-10 , indicating the project is now open source (op-10 it is going to open source rv.10 ). With the developer an opportunity to optimize the code, improve the transparency effect of the objects and add fake shadows in the corners so as to introduce a touch of realism.
    Download link and the complete changelog below.

    [Additional Information: ChangeLog, commands and donwload]

    .: Changelog:.
    - Cleaner code (less warnings while compiling)
    - Small changes in transparent object rendering (still lot to change)
    - Fake shadows in the corners

    rev. 115
    - Static icon menu in PSP
    - Fixed freeze bug When putting the PSP in sleep mode (Partially - before putting in sleep psp game game try turn on the menu, Sometimes still freeze without this)
    - New screenshots will not override screenshots from other maps
    - Added question do you really want remove save files.
    - Open Source from now
    .: Commands:.

    Download and Give Feedback Via Comments ...
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