Home Audio Visual Arts Organization *Black*
Manufacturer: Dragonplus
Site: Buy from Divineo China
Price: $34.99

Overview : Enjoy movies and more to the max!

Features :
  • Mega sub-woofer
  • Vertical stand function
  • Charging function
  • Retractable speaker
  • 4 speakers built-in with power amplifier and BBE system function
  • PSP stand angle can be adjusted for better viewing
  • Wireless remote control
  • 12 UMD card trays are hidden inside the body to keep your disks safe

Quality/Usability : From the looks of the packing, you would think that the Home Audio Visual Arts Organization is HUGE. But once you open it and take it out, it’s not as big. It’s still big but not overly huge. On the back of the HAVAO, is a little compartment. Open the cover and it reveals twelve slots to hold your UMD movies/games. You wont be able to close the cover with the UMDs in the slots. Under the compartment is a little slot. In this slot is where the wireless remote sits when not in use. The wireless remote runs on a watch battery (included).

The left side of the HAVAO is the audio in port. On the right of the dock is a switch that says CHARGING, OFF and SPEAKER. Next to that is the DC 5v port where the AC adapter is plugged into. On the bottom of the dock is a little compartment that holds (4) AA batteries (not included).

On the front of the HAVAO, are 6 buttons. The first two buttons is Volume UP and DOWN. In the middle is the BBE system function button. To the right of that is three buttons, PREV, NEXT and PLAY. The dock that these buttons are on can be adjusted for your viewing pleasure. There is only two angles that it can be set on.

On the sides are the two speakers. They are hidden inside the “compartment”. Pull them out and they reveal two speakers on each side. This is why you’re not able to hide any UMDs inside the dock. It would have been nice if the speakers clicked in place when they are pulled out but they don’t.

The quality of the speakers actually surprised me. When the volume set on the highest on both the PSP and dock, there was no distortion. With the BBE system function enabled, this enhanced the sound and made it louder and clearer. The “mega sub-woofer” kind of disappointed me though. I didn’t hear much of it.

The wireless remote has the same layout as the PSP remote, Volume UP and DOWN, PREV, NEXT and PLAY/PAUSE. The PLAY/PAUSE button is a little small and if you have big fingers, you might accidentally press other buttons in the process. The wireless remote comes in handy for when you’re listening to MP3s and you’re not near the PSP. Although you can not be too far away from the dock or it won’t work. But the remote worked pretty decent.

Conclusion : Overall, the Home Audio Visual Arts Organization is a pretty decent sound system dock. Although it does feel a little cheap, the performance out shines the quality. I wouldn’t say this is completely portable but nice to have at home. When you have the BBE function enabled, the sound sounds great. It would have been nice if they had made the speaker thinner/smaller and have allowed you to hide your UMDs inside the compartment thus allowing you to bring them where ever you go.

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