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    Default WoopsiGfx 1.4

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    WoopsiGfx is a C++ 2D graphic library for the NDS. The developer of this project has announced that he is leaving the DS scene for good. There may not be to many more updates to this project. Please see the change log for more information about the v1.4 update. Check the links below to read more about Woopsi and its developer.

    QUOTE(Change Log)
    •Animation:lay() stops if there are no frames to play.
    •Animation::getCurrentFrame() returns NULL if there are no frames.
    •Animation::getCurrentBitmap() returns NULL if there are no bitmaps.
    •StringIterator::moveTo() ignores attempts to move to negative indices.
    •Improved use of DMA hardware.
    •WoopsiString::subString() passes the correct arguments to the WoopsiString constructor.

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