Yeah, we knew it was possible, but knowing and seeing are two very, very different animals. Just before closing the doors at Build 2011, Microsoft's Avi Ben-Menahem took the time to briefly showcase what would be possible with Xbox Live and Windows 8. It's obviously in a very early state, but already we're seeing signs of cross-platform multiplayer game support, and an (unsurprisingly) Metro-style universe supplanting the existing Games for Windows Live. We get the feeling that Microsoft's thinking this one through; rather than just shoehorning a gaming element in, things like "cloud saves" and dedicated Music / Video panes will be around to enjoy. Moreover, participation in the Xbox Live development program will purportedly be free, and if Ben-Menahem has his way, this will bring "everything you know and love on Xbox 360 and Xbox Live to Windows." Bold. Peek the pair of videos just after the break.