YoYo Games, creator of Game Maker, has launched a new version of its drag-and-drop game development tool that outputs games in HTML5-compatible Javascript.
The release of Game Maker: HTML5 means that users can export their creations to a webserver from which it can be playable in-browser on PCs, smartphones and tablets, without the need for any additional plugins. A new feature, Team Collaboration, lets multiple users work on a project at the same time.
CEO Sandy Duncan said: "Game Maker: HTML5 is a huge step forward for the Game Maker lineage and we're very proud to have launched this new version, which brings game and web content creation within the reach of anyone.
"As the HTML5 wave begins to break across the web and it becomes adopted as the de facto standard, Game Maker: HTML5 will undoubtedly lead the revolution in easily created, easily deployable content that's richer and more complex than ever before."
Those interested can purchase the Game Maker: HTML5 beta from $99 at YoYo Games' website. Recent research, however, suggests the rush of interest in HTML5 may be premature, as it is regularly outperformed on mobile devices by Adobe's Flash.