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Thread: Nintendo Gives the Nintendo DS an official name!

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    Default Nintendo Gives the Nintendo DS an official name!

    And the official name will be..... NINTENDO DS!!! Thats super. The system appears to be pretty sleek in design, though i hope they will have differant colors. They also say they have plans for 100 games by the end of the year, and 20 from nintendo. That means 20 games that i garentee with good quality, mabey 20 more good games from differant companies, AND ALOT OF CRAP! Not bad at all for a new system in my book. The release and price still havnt been announced.

    And notice the 6 buttons? i think they have two sholder buttons as well, THINK OF THE EMULATION POSSIBILITIES!!!!

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    Default Re: Nintendo Gives the Nintendo DS an official nam

    Oh i am thinking also thinking about how amazing this little thing is going to be. The only thing and sorry for saying this that i am not happy about is the dual screen. I dont find a reason that dual screen should be your little option screen that is touch screen. The one reason is did nintendo want to make people do extra work i mean i am lazy i like pressing buttons.

    The second is i have a palm pilot whats that have to do with anything the touch screen is crap dont work anymore and i had it since christmas. I dont trust touch screens and i think this might tell people something about the new DS and that could make sales go to a low.

    I hate Sony but i want to see what the PSP is going to bring us and hopefully no touch screen either.


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