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# Caprice32 4.0.0 - Caprice32, an Amstrad CPC emulator for Windows, has been updated. Here's what's new:

# Caprice32 has gone Open Source and is now hosted on SourceForge.net!
# the emulator now uses the Simple DirectMedia Layer (SDL) library instead of native DirectX code, so ports to other platforms should only be a matter of time...
# With this step forward, comes a step back: there's currently no user friendly interface (no GUI or command line). This deficiency shall be addressed in one of the next releases.
# fixed Bad Cylinder and No Cylinder handling when a sector cannot be found: "Starfox - CPM version" loads
# fixed broken snapshot support: PPI values were written to the wrong ports when loading a snapshot
# added Digiblaster / Soundplayer support

Thanks to Hawq for the news. - MetaFox

source : retrogames

May be this news should give some ideas to anybody