Well, since everyone else is doing it, I guess I will too.

"Most Comprehensive Tutorial Ever Written" - this project sort of died in the water, as I became really bogged down with real-life work. However, burnerO basically took his own take on it when he released SBInducer v4, and made it possible for me to use his proggie to basically accomplish my goal. With the addidtion of "readme comments" to every SBI archive, that will be visible in the GUI before you do anything with the file, I will be able to reach about 50% of what I set out to accomplish with the "Most Comprehensive Tutorial Ever Written". The only thing left to do is add some sort of feature (similar to fackue's NGCD selfbooter) that will check for the necessary files before burning. That will be some time off, but it may be added one day.

DCStuff Dev Team - the DCStuff Team has been assembled, and we are "actively" developing a helper app that will be released when it is finished. There are a few other helper apps on our plate, but since we are all doing this as our fourth or fifth priority, it will not be extremely quick. Look for it some time in the next six months or so, though.

Updating SBI files to v4 - still actively working on this one. I usually will only have time to do this on the weekends, but I get about fifteen or twenty done each time I work on it. Right now, though, I'm still working on the easy ones (the ones that have all of the necessary info in the readme's that come with the SBI's). The process will probably become much slower once I finish all of those, and have to start working on the files that come with no readme.

That's about it. I guess I haven't had very many crazy ideas, but I guess that's good. The rest of my "crazy" ideas are out of my hands, as they were all just development suggestions for people to take or leave (Hangman, new DreamInducer, etc.). I never claimed to be working on them.