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The 1964 derivate 1964mod has been updated.

Danke an Morku für die News.

1964mod v1.4.6(Final) Release

Core Changes & Fixes
  • Standardized naming from 1964 to 1964mod for future source release
    - update ´About" box text and English.lgm
    - update copyright text etc
    - update ini keynames etc
    - update the following with new name: 1964modCore.ini, 1964mod.cht
  • Re-write the handling of MusyX ucode passed from 1964mod Audio
    - filter out MusyX "false positives" not detected correctly using old method:
    Pokemon Stadium 2, Star Fox(U), South Park Rally, BassMaster2000, Power Rangers
  • Re-write part of VIInterrupt
    - refactor screen update refresh codes to reduce frame swap delay:
    Star Wars - Shadow of Empire, Hexen, Perfect Dark, GoldenEye, DK64, Top Gear - OverDrive
    - fix certain missing frame by detecting framebuffer read/write by CPU:
    DK64, Hexen, Starcraft, Superman
    - must use Zilmar Audio for the following games:
    Fighting Force 64
  • Fix case 4 in r4300i_ldl
  • Ensure flashram handle is closed successfully before it is null
    - fix closing empty flashram handle for non-related savetype
  • Skip reading of newly created flashram savefile content to RDRAM
  • Convert CPU instruction temp function variable(32bit store value) into a static variable
  • Fix lighting regression from an earlier change
  • Bypass R4300 instruction - return from exception:
    Re-Volt (fix hang before in-game)
    South Park - Chef´s Lu Shack (fix hang before in-game)
  • Fix fullscreen switching bug(cannot go fullscreen & browser hang when game is closed) for the following games:
    South Park Rally, Super Smash Brothers

Plugin Changes & Fixes

1964mod Audio:
  • Re-write the MusyX ucode detection that pass to the emu core
  • fix missing audio for MusyX loadstate
  • fix random lost of audio for MusyX games during in-game e.g. Tarzan
  • fix 1964mod Audio regression for BassMasters2000 & Power Rangers
  • games detected as MusyX e.g.
    Gauntlet Legends, Hydro Thunder, Resident Evil 2, Rush 2049, Tarzan, TWINE
    Fighting Force 64, NBA Showtime - NBA on NBC (currently not working with 1964mod Audio)
  • Re-write audio fillbuffer selection algorithm and refactor related portion of fillbuffer codes
  • Fix audio bug that breaks game loadstate audio when AI_LEN_REG=0 do a return
  • Fix wrong audio syncspeed startup status when its last shutdown status is 0
  • Fix 1964mod Audio interrupt check bug that break the following non-MusyX games:
    Turok - Rage War (fix missing sound)
    Turok - Dinosaur Hunter (fix 1st level hang & now running at max VI/s)
    Turok 2 - Seeds of Evil (fix slow speed & now running at max VI/s)

  • Fix ugly lines in games e.g. Mace, MegaMan, Tetrisphere, NewTetris, Bomberman Hero, ArmyMen Air Combat
  • Fix Body Harvest horizontal line across the sky when viewed upwards
  • Fix MIA, Starcraft64 and Command&Conquer truncated sprites when resolution doesn´t match aspect ratio(ini)
  • Fix Mahjong Master where in-game cursor is behind its keyboard letter (ini)
  • Fix Midway Greatest Arcade invisible text (ini)
  • Fix MIA Hamm Soccer 64 missing framebuffer effect frame (ini)
  • Fix Mystical Ninja Goemon transparent text box frame (ini)
  • Fix Super Robot Spirits truncated fillrect when resolution doesn´t match aspect ratio(ini)
  • Fix Super Robot Taisen(J) ugly vertical line cut text & missing transition effect(ini)
  • Fix Mario Golf64 black fade-out after the 9th hole scene transition(ini)
  • Fix Doraemon 3 clipping bug(green chair) in intro video cutscene(ini)
  • Games playable with "Read Every Frame" (F6 hotkey) set as default (ini)
    Banjoo-Kazooie - sound is still good
    Body Harvest - game menu is slow but in-game is full speed, good sound
    Mario Golf - sound is still good
    MarioKart - sound is still good
    Ridge Racer - game menu is slow but in-game is playable, sound is still good
  • Incorporate official Glide64 fixes till r259 to MyGlide64

  • Fix AeroFighter Assault distorted hanger texture and white smoke in boss intro portrait(ini)

Other Changes & Fixes
  • Fix plugin menu option "not grayed" when plugin is not found / loaded by load plugin function
  • Fix load RSP plugin bug even if it is available
    - make Zilmar RSP.dll as default RSP plugin