PopCap has 'retired' its existing Bejeweled 2 + Blitz release for iPhone and iPod Touch in order to relaunch the game it says is the second highest selling mobile game ever, after Tetris.
The free version is the popular one-minute score attack gameBejeweled Blitz, while the 69p/€.79 Bejeweled features two modes from Bejeweled 3 - Zen and Diamond Mine in addition to Classic. Both act as platforms for ongoing development, so expect them to be updated with new modes and features over time.
"As we strive to reach virtually everyone with a mobile communications device, PopCap will continue to make games that are even more accessible to that ever-expanding global audience. We’re taking a critical step toward this goal with the introduction of these new Bejeweled titles that will enhance our offerings on the iPhone for years to come," says Giordano Bruno Contestabile, recently made Bejeweled franchise business director at PopCap and a columnist for Edge.