App store analyst Distimo made the claim for Android, and it's yet another reminder of the accelerating power of the Google OS. Don't forget that Google recently reported 10 billion app downloads, 200 million Android devices in user, and 550,000 more activated each day.
Distimo added that 68 per cent of Android Market apps are free. That will surprise few of us, given the historically clunky nature of the buying process (initially via Google Checkout). Does Google care? probably not, since advertising is in its DNA.
Of course, Android Market is still playing catch-up with iTunes, which required two fewer months to reach the 400,000 app milestone. The Apple store is now home to around 550,000 products.
Overall, the Android space is just messier than that of Apple, with less vigilance and control over what appears in the store. And don't forget that there are other portals through which to download apps including significant locations like Amazon.