Star Wars: The Old Republic might not have picked up too many "Game of the Year" awards in 2011 (due mostly to the fact that it was out for about 10 days when the year ended), but that hasn't stopped EA from getting some awards declared for the game anyway.

First, the company declared its own title the "fastest-growing subscription MMO" around, and now it's worked with the Guinness Book of World Records todeclare SW:TOR the "Largest Entertainment Voice Over Project" of all time. The 2012 Gamers' Edition of the famous world record publication has a whole guide to Star Wars video games over the years, and also heralds BioWare's Knights of the Old Republic as the best game with Jedis ever made.

True, KotOR is great, and the MMO has over 200,000 lines of quest dialogue spoken by a couple hundred voice actors, so Guinness hasn't missed its mark. But it sure seems like EA's fishing a little far out in the bay for compliments on this one. How about giving us a call when the game is ready to win the Guinness award for most polished Mac release, guys?