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Thread: SSF 0.08 Alpha R1 released

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    Default SSF 0.08 Alpha R1 released

    New version of the Saturn emulator for Windows

    SCSP processing was updated.
    The sound in Black Matrix and Goiken Muyou (a.k.a. Anarchy in the Nippon) is now reproduced correctly.
    Gunblazer S now works.
    The bug where CDDA breaks off inconveniently in Virtua Fighter 2 was corrected.

    Fixed a bug where with strange termination (read: random crashing) because of the video driver.
    Fixed a bug where savestates couldn't be saved in some games.

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    Default I can play Dragonforce again ! finally !

    I love you , Dragonforce ! woo hoo

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    I am new to emulators and I have recently found a love for them. I was wondering where I can get some help, I am not sure how to use the sega Saturn emulators in any way, with NES or Genesis you just open the program and load the ROm easy, I do not understand how these SSE works, I keep getting an error with something about cds and I cannot seem to get it to do anything for me. Please help, I really want to be able to play some of the sega saturn games. Thank you for your time on this. Ravenloftknight7 = aim [email protected]

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