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Thread: Sega Model III EMU

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    Default Sega Model III EMU

    I know that the old model III emu was passed on to MAME, and the newest MAME version has many model III roms working, so is there any plans on making a direct emulator for the model III using the MAME source code? An emu that focuses more on speed ups, rather then accuracy as the MAME does????

    I really want to play some of these roms!!!

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    I'd be happy with just Star Wars Trilogy from that lot playable, ok having looked maybe Spikeout as well. Havent heard of anyone doing a model 3 emu though, though having said that the model 2 emu came out of nowhere almost when it appeared so it may happen someday, no sign of one in the works yet though. To expand on that work on SuperModel is halted while the stuffs worked on in Mame as its apparantly easier to debug stuff in Mame according to that page, maybe once they get sorted in Mame SuperModel will live again?

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