Trade show organiser and magazine publisher IDG is to produce a new games show to be held in October 2007, at the home of the old E3.

"IDG has been secured to run the new GamePro Expo show, what we knew as E3," reads a memo circulated by the publisher to LA Convention and Visitors Bureau members, GameSpot is reporting.

With the backing of the Entertainment Software Association, considered "a very important element to the partnership," according to the memo, the event will take place at the Los Angeles Convention Centre, former home of E3.

The event will incorporate both trade and consumer audiences, with the memo urging members to "use E3 as a guide," when considering the potential audience it could attract and the possible impact on the LA economy.

No publishers, format-holders or developers have officially been linked with the GamePro Expo and the ESA is yet to publicly back the event.