Via Mugglenet:

Our Halloween special (only a few hours late) brings some unspooky fun to the latest episode of our weekly Harry Potter podcast. Join Ben, Jamie, Laura, Micah and me for a discussion on ghosts and much more:

- This week we welcome you to the show with our sweet new intro.
- Why is WB so adamant about keeping the movies 2 1/2 hours long?
- Jamie's lack of Halloween enjoyment as a child explains his bitter disposition as an adult.
- How should we take Nearly Headless Nick's advice to Harry at the end of OOTP?
- What's with the Bloody Baron, and why is he so... bloody?
- Was the Grey Lady inspired by the ghost of Lady Jane Grey, who haunts the Tower of London?
- Could Dumbledore have gotten rid of Peeves?
- Does Professor Binns know anything crucial about Voldemort?
- Debate: Halloween is a morally vapid holiday, which encourages delinquency.
- Laura Mallory update.

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