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Thread: SimCity, Black, Road Rash, Rings on EA schedule(News)

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    Forum SimCity, Black, Road Rash, Rings on EA schedule(News)

    Having revealed that it's working on several new Sims games in its investor conference call this week, EA has also hinted at several other new titles.

    And we're not just talking about the inevitable yearly updates either - with chief financial officer Warren Jenson, whose comments were picked up by GameSpot and Firing Squad, mentioning another Lord of the Rings game, a new SimCity and a next-generation version of Criterion's critically acclaimed console FPS Black.

    Lord of the Rings may have wound down at the cinema, but EA's still managed to turn out some spin-off titles in the last 12 months, like the rather good Battle for Middle-Earth II strategy game and PSP turn-based title Lord of the Rings: Tactics, while SimCity is about due for a return and Black always looked like it could do with a next-gen playground.

    Elsewhere, Firing Squad reports that the conference call also bore mention of comeback for motorbike title Road Rash, along with a new Simpsons game released to coincide with the next TV series in the US.

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    Ive been needing a new roadrash game. The 64 game held my attention for a while and was hella fun!

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