Crystals Of Xaz is a Fenix for Dreamcast and Gamepark handhelds game.

Lots of new changes have been added to the game. There are now level transitions that award chain bonuses per level, and some neat mode7 effects that take place per level change. I've added some new graphics, but since I'm having to take care of the graphics myself, they're still placeholders until I get to grips with the freeware Anim8or modelling program. Once I get familiar with texturing and rotating the models, the graphics will change once again. I'll probably stick to using primitives, as I like the feel that they give the game. I've done lots of code cleanup and some optimizations to make things run a lot smoother. Here's a current screenshot of the game in action:

There's still a lot to do. I'm currently taking a break from the graphics and concentrating on finishing up the gameplay elements. I've got some more levels to finish and some minor holes to fill in, then I'll move on to finishing up the graphics and then paste everything together with an 'attract mode' with instructions, high score table, and other tidbits. I've decided to release the game for the Dreamcast and Gamepark handhelds simultaneously, with an emphasis on the strengths of each platform.