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Thread: Help with Homebrew Icons....

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    psp Help with Homebrew Icons....

    I've posted this new thread to hopefully be recognized sooner...

    The thread posted by PrettyRandom with the Homebrew Icons-all I can say is man those things look sick!!!

    All I want to know is how to go about installing and using those icons on my PSP. If someone could please explain and walk through it with me that would be AWESOME!!!

    I have a feeling that its pretty simple and im just obvliviouse right now...


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    Well I spent the last hour trying to answer my own question, and what do you know--google to the rescue...

    For those of you who find yourself with the same question I had- well here you go...

    All you need is a program called PBP Unpacker

    Download that program and its pretty self explanitory from there...

    Any further question let me know

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    Extract the contents of the eboot to desktop and just replace the picture from there.

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