News From Lik Sang [br][br] If you've ever seen one of the junkboxes in a toy shop in Chinatown, you might be able to imagine what's it like to be on the Hong Kong Toys and Games Fair. A junkbox full of old toys is actually not comparable to 5 huge halls full with thousands and thousands of cheap toys, and with only a hand full of interesting ones, but gives you an idea what to expect.[br][br]We are sure that they actually have some very interesting things for you if you are there to buy for a big supermarket or chain store (it's a business to business event), but if you are looking for videogames and electronic toys, you'll not be really excited about their offerings. There were floating remote controlled U-boats, singing Christmas trees, and some robotic puppy dogs covered with fake fur that just roll into walls when you call them. Well, there was lots more but that covers about everything you'd want to know anyway.[br][br]On the other hand, some of these companies had some real innovative *sarcasm* stuff to show us: cloned handheld consoles. We've all seen the PolyStation by now, and these stands don't even get our attention for a minute. But two stands sucked us in for a while with their PSP and NDS look-alikes. They also had some other clones, which we tried to ignore in order to escape their sales pitch as quick as possible.[br][br]The first company, specialized in making LCD games, has both, NDS and the PSP clones. With their interchangeable "cartridge format" you could even replace the screens on the NDS, so that you could have up to four games on it (you can't do that with their PSP). From Soccer to Street Fighter, they had it all.[br][br]The second company was actually making a quite professional impression, and also makes the Gym Club Dancing Carpet, which connects directly to your TV and comes with cool games such as "Escape from the fire" and "Step the running rats". Their clone handhelds (pictured above) look pretty cool, if you disregard the fact that the actual games are not even remotely playable. Their sales hypes were Fashionable Science & Technology Outlook, High Brightness function and Super-Glare Imitate Color Screen, whatever that is supposed to mean.[br]