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    Default Nintendo Revolution News

    Nintendo has been keeping notoriously quiet with regards to plans for its next-generation console, codenamed the Revolution, which is set to be finally revealed at next year's E3.[br]It's not something you can exactly blame them for, with a DS handheld launch across Japan and the US to mastermind - and all that that entails. However we have come across a snippet of info from a fairly unlikely source, which seems to be the first concrete info on the Big N's Revolution.[br][br]Japanese mag Diamond Weekly is reporting that the Revolution will apparently ditch one of the Big N's trademark features, its controller layout, with the D-pad and A and B buttons jettisoned and now set to become part of gaming history.[br][br]What will they come up with in the to replace this Big N staple? Well no-one knows exactly, but with the innovation show in the DS's touch screen and breath control, the Nintendo has shown it's not exactly shy of embracing the new.[br][br]So what should Nintendo be aiming for with its apparently new controller setup for the Revolution?

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    well, I always thought that the Snes/ s.Famicom pad was absoltey great, then sony AHEM *cough, cough* borrowed the design and added a few ore buttons etc, that was great, it was a perfect pad, but as we al know, Nintendo just about always come up with the goods.

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