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    Been a long while since we have heard of any commercial gaming news (but that will change soon enough), Lik Sang have posted on their site something that will please Sonic fans and most importantly for us Dreamcast Gaming Collectors, heres some of the rather long newspost:[br][br] That hedgehog is the fastest thing alive, and being the big Sonic fans we all are at Lik-Sang (correction: "that most of us are". The guys across the table can stop whistling the Mario theme anytime now, thank you), we've put together this way past cool Sonic pack.[br][br]Starting it off there's the full Sonic Adventure 1 and Sonic Adventure 2 for Dreamcast, and the later not only includes the game, but the whole 10th anniversary birthday pack! So there's a collectable 18 page booklet in both English and Japanese, and along with covering Sonic games released for the previous 10 years, it's filled with game covers, information, sketches, artwork and more.[br][br]This starts with the history of how Sonic was "born", and how Sega was first considering everything from a rabbit, an armadillo and even a panda to be their mascot! Then after wisely choosing a hedgehog, the booklet takes you through what's now videogaming history, including plenty of little known tidbits like how scientists named the "Sonic Gene", and photos showing merchandise from plushes to undies, ties to baked beans, watches to comics and oh so much more.[br][br]Next there's a golden soundtrack CD, which features 23 tracks from Sonic's past. Sonic 1, 2 and 3, Sonic & Knuckles, Sonic R, Sonic Adventure 1 & 2, and yes, the opening and closing themes to Sonic CD are all there. This, along with the booklet, is contained inside a blue box, branded with golden 10th anniversary and Dreamcast logos. Also inside is a gold coin with Sonic's 10th birthday logo on one side, and a Happy Birthday to Sonic on the other, including the dates "23 June 1991 - 2001 - Future".[br][br]After that, what better way to cap off the whole collection than a giant 28 cm (11 inch) Sonic Adventure figure! With fully adjustable arms, hands, legs, feet and head, you can pose Sonic and then play or display any way you like. [br][br]More info at Lik Sang

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    Dammit I have the contents of the pack apart from the sonic figure, grrr, must have sonic figure :-/

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