corsix-th is reimplementation of the game engine from Theme Hospital.

CorsixTH - Version 0.01 - 2012-03-24
New features include awards at the end of the year, a new mode called "Free Build Mode" and priorities for adviser messages. Furthermore there are as usual of course a lot of bugs that have been squashed! You can find the changelog at the bottom of the page.

Not Yet Implemented
Handyman priorities
Visual effects on patients with serious radiation and jellyitis.
Fullscreen animations such as the level screen and winning letter.

Known Issues
If the X-Ray Viewer is inaccessible in the Operating Theatre no image will be shown on it.
If the user exits the game via "the cross" when in windowed mode settings are not saved.
Radiators and other "edge tile" objects occupy a whole tile instead of just one edge of the tile.

Added: A host of awards given at year end.
Added: A new mode: Free Build Mode. In this mode you donīt have to worry about money. All custom maps can be played in this mode.
Added: Patient animations such as yawning and checking watch when waiting.
Change: The queue size for a room can be set to 0 to prevent patients from going there.
Change: Patients now spend some more time in the ward.
Fix: Crash when removing a room that has humanoids on their way to it.
Fix: Patients sitting down, but about to get a soda got ordered to sit down again.
ix: A crash could occur if a new room was accepted when there were multiple types of objects left to place.
Fix: Emergencies with diseases not available on a level no longer happen.
Fix: The VIP no longer makes staff be called to the rooms he visits.
Fix: With multiple reception desks new patients now find their way to the reception with the least queue size.
Fix: The wrong amount of money was returned when selling a room.
Fix: Aliens could not be cured on the last two levels.
Fix: The transparent walls setting made new rooms remove outer walls.
Fix: Sometimes patients who had left the hospital could still wait for a new room, making said room impossible to build.
Fix: A crash when the staff member left a room before the patient.
Fix: Build cost of objects were not always correct.

User Interface
Added: The save and load dialogs can now sort both ascending and descending and are a little more spacy.
Added: More messages in the progress report dialog.
Added: More advice in different situations from the adviser.
Added: Adviser messages now has priorities, making more important messages appear faster.
Change: When the mouse cursor leaves the game window it will stop scrolling the in-game world.
Change: The message when a crash occurs is now a little more informative, and humanoids no longer get stuck as easily.
Fix: The staff management window is now updated when staff is hired or fired from outside the window itself.
Fix: If the desired language cannot be loaded on startup the game now reverts to English instead of crashing.
Fix: The game could not autosave if the save or load dialog was open.
The auto-scroll setting is now saved between sessions.
The adviser can now be turned off from the top menu.
The game uses a new icon.

Map Editor
Fix: The game no longer crash just because the map builder has not added any access roads from the edge of the map.