Another Guest (a.k.a SomeOne) has just released a port of Duke Nukem 3D to the UIQ 3 platform (Sony Ericsson P990, M600, W950).

Heres the details:

Since.. well.. not alot of classic 3d games has been ported to UIQ3 yet, I think I have to start with something.

And before you ask.. yes I have tried Quake.. and it does not start due to a internal stack limit of 80 Kb in the Symbian 9 phones.
So what to do.. well.. why not try another classic.. Like Duke Nukem 3d. So here is a first try..

I have tested it with the 1.3d Shareware version.. and alittle bit with the 1.5 Atomic Edition. Its not completed yet, but if you configure the duke3d.cfg right it should be.

To use the shareware version you need to install it, and then edit the duke3d.cfg. Game files should then be placed on the memorycard under \Shared\Duke3d.

If you use notepad or such to edit the duke3d.cfg it will probably not work, and Duke will crash. So hexeditor is the best or linux tool

Audio rates should be 11025,16000, 22050 not 11000, 22000 like is the default after running setup.

I think somebody can post good working cfg files for nice play .

And yes.. in atomic the demo will crash after awhile.. problem in the audio parts. But as I said.. this is just something to start of with. (And yes .. you will need the keyboard at the bottom.. therefore the 8 bottom pixels are not visible).

This version is based
* The port for SDL
* The JonoFs port of Duke 3D for the Palm platorm. ml
* ESDL By Hannu Vittala and Anotherguest.

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