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    Default PkgView v1.3

    PkgView is a tool for extracting files from PS3 pkg. This tool 100% legal it contains no code sony. PkgView also has a graphical interface that simplifies the extraction of both individual files and the complete package.

    PkgView Changelog Version 1.3 --------------------------------- Added support for pkg psx / psp Added progress bar of tasks in Windows 7 Version 1.2 --------------------------------- FIX: I kept failing to extract large files. FIX : Problems in interpreting the structure. FIX: Other problems in the extraction. more descriptive extraction window. Optimized extraction retail pkg. Now create a log extraction. Version 1.1 ------------ --------------------- FIX: Failed to extract large files Version 1.0 -------------------- ------------- FIX: PARAM.SFO not appear. FIX: Empty folders not appear. Added support for retail pkg (thanks to the implementation of Mathieulh). Now accepts pkg passed as parameter. Added support to drag the application pkg. Added option in the source folder Extract Added extension association. pkg Added option Extract here in the context menu of Windows. BETA 2 ------------ --------------------- FIX: Duplicate Folders and files out FIX: Check if the pkg is debug folder Added extraction Improved extraction algorithm BETA 1 --- ------------------------------ First version

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