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Thread: Rubix Cube Port *I am a mega-beginner to coding.

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    Default Rubix Cube Port *I am a mega-beginner to coding.

    i was thinking about this for a while now.

    i have always wanted to port something to the psp, because i figured it would be easier than coding something from the ground up. also it would be great experience for me as a super-beginner coder.

    Also this is my first ever attempt to try and learn how to code for the psp so i would appretiate any pointers you can give me. including what kind of programs might help me. or what lines of code i need.

    i found the source of a GPL Rubix cube simulator for windows and linux. i was wondering if it is at all possible to port this to the psp.

    here it is

    thanks a bunch, even if the simulator is not portable (which makes sence in two aspects i guess)

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    ahhh the rubix cube is torment, i've smashed at least 4 in my life, but this one would be 250$ worth of silicon,metal, and plastic smashed if i got pissed.

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