Wizkids/N.E.C.A., the makers ofHeroClix Online, a digital transliteration of the table-top game, today revealed the latest Marvel collection, Marvel’s The Avengers, to be incorporated into the online game. The collection, available as a Starter Pack and as Single-Figure Boosters on Thursday, April 26, will add over one dozen new figures for players to collect and will also be available via codes in physical sets starting this Wednesday, April 18.
Marvel’s The Avengers Starter Pack includes six figures: Thor, Captain America,Iron Man, Black Widow, Hawkeye and Hulk. The pack joins Marvel’s Fantastic Four set as a starter option for new players.
Marvel’s The Avengers Single-Figure Boosters add another 10 figures, includingThor, Hulk, Nick Fury, Captain America, Iron Man, Agent Coulson, Skrull Infiltrator,Hawkeye, Tony Stark and Heimdall.
Additionally, beginning April 18, players and collectors can find codes for virtual Marvel’s the Avengers figures—both the Starter Pack and Single-Figure Boosters—in physical sets.
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